Anson Investments Master Fund

Launched in July 2007, Anson Investments Master Fund (AIMF) is our flagship fund. Moez Kassam and Amin Nathoo are the Portfolio Managers primarily responsible for managing AIMF.

AIMF uses a broad array of investment strategies to build a diversified portfolio, with the objective of minimizing volatility and correlation with public equity markets. Strategies used by AIMF include, but are not limited to:

Long-Short Equity

Event-Driven Investing

Merger Arbitrage

Capital Structure Arbitrage

Private Equity and PIPE Investing


The investment objectives and methods summarized above represent Anson Funds’ current intentions. Depending on conditions and trends in the commodities and securities markets and the economy in general, Anson Funds may pursue any objectives, employ any investment techniques or purchase any type of security or instrument or make any investment that they consider appropriate and in the best interest of the Funds, whether described in this section or not. The foregoing discussion includes and is based on numerous assumptions and opinions of the Investment Advisors concerning world financial markets and other matters, the accuracy of which cannot be assured. There can be no assurance that Anson Funds’ investment strategy will achieve profitable results. Past performance of Anson Funds or any of the funds under its management or any affiliates of Anson Funds is not indicative of future results of the Fund. Investors risk the loss of their entire investment.